Cardboard Testimonies

So, my friend Lauren and I went to a luncheon at the LoveLady Center yesterday. We were checking it out to see if it’d be a good place to do some volunteer work and, basically, just serve this semester. I think I was just expecting a tour of the place and an overview of what areas they needed help in.


First of all, the LoveLady center is a refurbished old hospital, transformed into a home for women who suffer from countless addictions, have been in prison, domestic abuse, etc…basically, for women who have hit rock bottom. They’re given a place to stay for themselves and their children, hope, tough love, Jesus, and a future.

My first favorite part of this luncheon was when the 3 and 4 year olds came up and sang, “If You Love Jesus Moo like a Cow”. Umm…my heart. And my biological clock…ticked.

My second favorite part was the woman who founded the place and runs it. Hilarious. I’m semi-obsessed with her.

My third favorite part was the cardboard testimonies.

If you’ve ever seen the youtube video, or this done in real life, you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say, POWERFUL.

I wasn’t expecting to come and bawl my eyes out, but, Lauren and I both were waterworks. (what was weird was that only my left eye was crying so, I’m like boohooing out of one eye. Awkward)

Basically, cardboard testimonies are the “Before” and “After” God changed your life written on either side of a piece of cardboard. The person shows the before side, then turns it over. It’s as simple as that…but, it’s unbelievable.

Watch it. For real.

But, anyway, I’ll keep this short. I just wanted to express how truly awesome it is when someone obeys God’s calling in his/her life and pursues it even though he/she is scared and doesn’t know the outcome.

I want to obey God. No matter how scary it may seem. I want to follow Him wherever He leads me. I want to love the unloved. Serve the unserved.

I think know life with God might be a scary one, but, it’s the ultimate one.




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