60 seconds.

Hey peoples,

       My small group is challenging ourselves to this exercise. I think it’s really neat and important, but, dude, it’s so hard. I thought I paraphrased it like a fiend, and I’m still at 248 words. Ah! But, yeah,  I thought I’d share just in case someone was interested!

The Character of God.
(Romans 1:18-20, 2:1-16, 3:22-24, Isaiah 43:6-7)
Biblical Truth: God is the just and gracious Creator of all things.
Write this in your own words.

The Sinfulness of Man.
(Romans 1:21-25, 3:9-20, 3:23, 6:23)
Biblical Truth: We are created by God, but we are corrupted by sin.
Write this in your own words.

The Sufficiency of Christ.
(Romans 3:21-26, 4:25, 5:6-10, 8:1-4)
Biblical Truth: Jesus Christ alone is able to remove our sin and reconcile us to God through His death, He alone satisfies the wrath of God for our sins.
Write this in your own words.

The Necessity of Faith.
(Romans 1:17, 3:20-31, 4:22-25, 6:11-14, 8:10-11, 10:9-13)
Biblical Truth: We are reconciled to God only through faith in Jesus. There is nothing we can do to beocme right with God.
Write this in your own words.

The Urgency of Eternity.
(Romans 6:23)
Biblical Truth: Our eternal destiny is dependent on our respose to Jesus.
Write this in your own words.

Sharing God’s story:
Write out God’s story in 100 words or less using your descriptions of the five biblical truths which you just expressed in your own words above. Remeber to use words that non-church goers will understand. be prepared to verbally share the Gospel story with others in 60 seconds.


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