The Greatest Love Story of them All

Once upon a time there was a King who was matchless in power. He was perfect. He wanted for nothing. He needed for nothing. He was self-sufficient and divine. He was so powerful that he made the world with only his words. With a mere, “Let there be…”, life happened! Lastly, after he had created the sun and the stars, fish and the birds, and the animals, he decided to create man to be his vice-regents, his representatives on the earth who would reflect his leadership and lovingly and righteously rule his creation.

Man was unlike his other creations. Man and woman were created in the King’s own image. They were a unique reflection of the King. They were created for the purpose of the King to enjoy a personal, perfect, unhindered fellowship with him, to reproduce his glory to the ends of the earth, and to rule over his creation.

The King loved the man and woman very very much. The King instructed that man could eat from any tree in the kingdom except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for if they did, they would surely die.

One day a crafty serpent came along and promised goodness apart from the King to the woman through eating of the forbidden tree. He asked her to question the King’s word. Consequently, the woman rejected the King’s word and determined for herself what was good. The man, who was with her, did the same.

Suddenly, their eyes were opened and they were ashamed. They immediately began to feel the effects of sin. They felt guilt, shame, and fear. Their perfect fellowship with the King was broken. Sin had entered the kingdom.

The King banished the man and woman from his kingdom, but, not because of anger, but, but, because of love. You see, there was a tree of life in the kingdom that the King feared they, in their now sinful nature, would eat of and live eternally in their sin. The King expelled the man and woman, all along knowing that he had a plan to bring them back to him and his kingdom someday.

After years of faithfully and sovereignly watching over his people, the King…”so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”(John 3:16)

The King knew that the punishment for sin was death. But, he loved his creation so much that he wanted to make a way for them to experience life eternal with him. He sent his only son, the Prince of the kingdom, to live a perfect life, to love, to teach, to serve, and to die a murderer’s death on a cross, in order to take the place of his sinful man. The Prince took upon himself all the sins of mankind and crucified them with himself on a cross.  But, that wasn’t the end! Three days later, the Prince ROSE FROM THE GRAVE! The Prince conquered sin!! If mankind would turn from their sins and trust the Prince alone for their forgiveness and salvation, not their works or their righteousness, they would be forgiven. How exciting this was for the King! The Prince had rescued his people for they could not rescue themselves. How glorious!

The Prince had to leave mankind to go be with his Father, the King, but, he didn’t leave without a promise to come back one day and the King’s people, the redeemed, would be brought BACK into the presence of the King to live forever. The way it was always supposed to be.

The King so loved a sinful, disobedient people, deserving of death, that he made a way, by his grace, for them to be healed.

How great the love the King has lavished upon us.

The greatest love story of them all.

The End is not appropriate for this story for we are awaiting his return and his Kingdom has no end.


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