Hand crafted God.

The following is from a book I’m reading, Counterfeit Gods by Timothy Keller. I’ve mentioned it before, and i’m not kidding around when I beg of you to read it.

I found this so true, heartwrenching, and a belief in which we must fight for souls against.

What we learn here is that theology matters, that much of our addiction to power and control is due to false conceptions of God. Gods of our own making may allow us to be “masters of our fate.” Sociologist Christian Smith gave the name “moralistic, therapeutic deism” to the dominant understanding of God he discovered among younger Americans. In his book Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers, he describes this set of beliefs. God blesses and takes to heaven those who try to live good and decent lives (the “moralistic” belief). The central goal of life is not to sacrifice, or to deny oneself, but to be happy and feel good about yourself (the “therapeutic” belief). Though God exists and created the world, he does not need to be particularly involved in our lives except when there is a problem (that is “deism”).

This view of God literally makes you master of your fate and captain of your soul. Salvation and happiness is up to you.

 In the search for control of our lives, we’ve created a God that we can control. We hold the power. This cannot be, folks.

I hope this creates an awareness of the urgency to reach the lost with the actual Gospel. Or, maybe just create an awareness within yourself of your beliefs and question if any of the above are things you believe are true. Because they’re not.

And, i hope it wets your whistle and will encourage you to pick up this book.



One thought on “Hand crafted God.

  1. Adam has been telling me to read this book for a while now. He read it a year ago and it completely changed his way of thinking about certain things. Reading this though makes me think that I really should read it. I might borrow it from you once you’re done 🙂

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