How I crave for God to be all I want.

I crave and yearn for to Him to be all I want, my only true desire.

To be my treasure. The treasure I have found in a field, hide, and sell all of my belongings in order to purchase the field.

To be my pearl.

Would I be willing to risk everything? Would I be willing to lay aside all my earthly desires and sinful wishes for Him?

Would I be okay with going to Heaven if it were a perfect place with all my friends and family with no more pain or suffering…but, if God wasn’t there?

Is God really all I want?

Oh, How frustrated I become with my flesh and my pride!

I fall on my knees and declare that Jesus, you are the only thing I want!

Help me. Help me live in this truth. Help this move from my head to my heart.

I want to crave you. I want you to be my obsession.  I want to live in exceeding joy over your glory.

Rid me of myself. I can’t bear myself. I feel trapped inside this sinful straightjacket of flesh. Sometimes it feels so hard to see beyond my pride and selfishness and bitterness and anger and unkindness.

So  flawed.

Such a flawless redeemer.

May you be all I crave.



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