simple. Not the right word for my King.

When I signed onto my facebook this morning, the following status popped up in my news feed:

“Sing God a simple song. God loves all simple things, for God is the simplest of all.”

I read it a couple times, but, still couldn’t get the “huhhhh??” out of my head. Quite frankly, I don’t agree with that statement at all.

Consider the following,

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

God’s thoughts are as high above man’s thoughts as the heavens are above the earth, and they are INCREDIBLY superior to the expectations and ideals and understanding of humans.

(From my footnotes in my Bible)

“More broadly, theologians have recognized that God, the incomparable Creator, is far above his finite creatures and beyond their ability to describe him or comprehend him fully; though they may know him truly, such knowledge is always partial and imperfect. But because God is perfectly wise in all his thoughts and ways, his people can take great comfort amid hardship and when inevitably they are unable to understand the mysteries and tragedies of life”

Our God is not a “Simple” God by any stretch of the imagination. To say our God is simple is demeaning and belittling the almighty powerful Creator and sustainer of the universe.

We are imperfect so our knowledge of a perfect God and understanding of His perfect ways cannot be known to us until we are made like Him. His absolute sovereignty is hard to grasp, but, we have faith in it.

But, PRAISE GOD that he is NOT SIMPLE! I mean, would you honestly want a GOD who YOU could completely understand? How puny and evil and insignificant are our brains and thoughts! Even the smartest of all human beings have NOTHING on the knowledge of God. He is omniscient. I do not want a God that I can fit into my brain capacity.

We struggle with this. We want a God whom we can fully understand, and if we can’t understand Him, then He must not exist. We want to know the answer to every “why” question.


“If God is so just and good and loving, why would he allow people to go to hell?”

My friends, this question is not the one we should be asking. We selfish egocentric people ask this question of God and to others when we SHOULD be asking the question that the entire Bible (the inerrant word of God) asks…

“If God is JUST and GOOD and LOVING, WHY would he allow PEOPLE to go to HEAVEN?!”

My friends, must we think so highly of ourselves? Who do we think we are? We are nothing. We are absolutely nothing. In comparison to GOD THE CREATOR, LORD, YHWH, we are nothing. Why should we then think we have the right to question His authority?

Our God has attributes of love and grace and forgiveness and mercy and holiness that far surpass our abilities. We NEED Him to help us live righteously. We are saved by His grace AND we are being saved every day by seeking Him and Him working in us and through us, empowering us through His spirit to be like Him. If he were so simple, would we so desperately need Him to sustain us?

Let us REJOICE that our God is not simple and that He is truly Great. He is a great God who is sovereign. No, we might not be able to see or know why some things happen or have perfect understanding of all of God’s ways, but, how beautiful it is to seek Him and discover Him more daily until the wonderful day of the consummation of our sanctification! When we will be made like Him and will spend eternity knowing Him more and more!

I will spend the rest of my days, however long, discovering this “simple” God, but, I will never actually achieve that until after I die…hmm…not so simple to me.



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