Vending Machine

Do we want the gifts of God? Or do we want God?

Do we want to go to Heaven because Hell seems like a bad alternative? Or do we want to go to Heaven because we will be WITH God?

Do we read the Word out of duty or obligation or because we feel guilty? Or do we read the Word because we want to KNOW and hear from God?

Do we pray because we need/want something? Or do we pray because we want GOD?

Do we go to church because we feel like we should or for the people? Or do we go to church for God?


Do we want God?

Or do we want this world, but, God’s a good protection “just in case things go wrong”. Is God like your vending machine… say a little prayer from time to time and good things from Him will pop out? Do you say, “Yeah, I believe in God”, but, continue to live according to your fleshly desires? Cool. The Bible says the demons believe in God and they SHUTTER. Did you raise your hand one night at youth camp and say a little prayer saying that you “believed that Jesus died for you” because you didn’t want to go to Hell? But, that’s really all He is to you…just your one-way ticket out of Hell. Thanks, Jesus. You’re the man. I owe you one.

Do you want God?

Or do you just want His stuff?

We are not born to want God. We are born at enmity with God. We are slaves to our earthly passions. We are sinful and egotistical. We are prideful and don’t want to admit our shortcomings and desperate need for a Savior.

When we are reborn into Christ, there is not some spiritual fairy dust that gets sprinkled over us and magically we desire God above all else. It is a daily decision to die to ourselves, pick up our crosses, and follow Him. It is an effort that emerges out of response to His grace and love. We should WANT God. We should desire to know Him and to be like Him. We should find our joy and fulfillment in God and making MUCH of Him and not ourselves. But, this isn’t going to just happen. We have to seek Him. We have to soak in and delight in His Word. We have to pray to Him. We have to fellowship with other believers, go to a Godly BIBLICAL church and learn and serve. None of these things should be done out of obligation or for MERIT (We are saved by GRACE alone. Not by works so that no one can boast. It is a GIFT of God), but, because we WANT GOD!

Saints, my prayer is that God will be our obsession. We will have an insatiable hungry and thirst and ever craving for Him and His glory and His righteousness.

If you’re not a believer and you’re reading this, I pray that God will begin to draw you to Him and that you will seek Him, accept Him, and not just for Heaven or for “stuff” or “your best life now” (gag me), but, for GOD. He’s a really good God. If you ever want to talk about Him, I’d love to. I can’t convince you and I won’t try. But, the Gospel means good news and it’s just that. And, if you want to know the good news, I’d love to tell you.

May our ultimate goal in life be GOD.



One thought on “Vending Machine

  1. Convicting. Talk about setting a high bar; one that has fallen beyond the reach of so many with the tame “modern” view of Christianity–I fall short.
    This will not be a painless journey, but possible in Christ, for Christ, by Christ; I pray.

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