Romans 6.

That insanely awesome chapter sums up what I was trying to say in my last post at 2AM. Whoa is it scatter brained or what. I feel as though I should rename this blog “Scatter Brained Fest ’10” because…that’s what it is, ha.

Saints, we are slaves to righteousness. No longer slaves to sin.

So, let’s live like it.



One thought on “Slaves to RIGHTEOUSNESS

  1. Accidently Romans 9 instead. Translation error. Anyway, got me thinking about predestination (God’s sovereign choice) a bit; one of those ‘big questions.’ Seems pretty clear to me. Ties in nonetheless: Who are we to talk back to God?

    Nice choice! We are no longer under the law, Graced has freed us; And so despite the ‘Old,’ the ‘New’–sincere, thankful hearts– will turn obedient slaves free from wickedness, an instrument of righteousness! #2aminspiration

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