Oh mannn.

I’m probably way too giddy over a book that is going to make me feel like the worst person in the world, BUUUT, I came home to discover that Student Life (my amazing employers) gave me a free, pre-release copy of “Radical” by David Platt (my pastor). Oh my gee.

My friend Lauren and I joked around saying how ridiculous it is that we’re probably the only church who has members who are completely starstruck by their pastor. haha. I mean, I honestly wouldn’t know what to say if I met him. I’d be so awkward.

But, just a forewarning, once I start diving into this book, this blog will probably turn into “Shara’s thoughts on being radical”. So…sorry. (except that’s kinda what it’s already turned into…miss righteously indignant crazy person) Actually, one of the reasons I’ve received the book early is SO I can blog about it. So,  for awhile, I’ll be blogging about this book.

But, yes.

And, I know it’s not as good as an “in person” apology (and if you’d like one, I’ll be more than happy to apologize to you), but, I’m normally decently good at keeping my blogs fairly “general” and not narrowing it down more to “individuals” and such. I have never intended to write anything on here that would be offensive to anyone or judging anyone, looking down on anyone, or EVER trying to be mean to anyone. There are some things I might have said under rash emotions or not really thinking, and I’m very sorry. I promise from the bottom of my heart that nothing I have written on here was intentionally degrading or mean or “angry at someone”. I understand that it is VERY easy to take things out of context and read them not how I ever intended on them coming across. (one of the pains about writing…especially on the internet). But, I’m not trying to justify it. I’ve deleted anything that “singled out” persons and will refrain from using any example that isn’t “general”. I really am very sorry. Just know that I have never ever ever ever intended on belittling or hurting anyone. As I so often state and thoroughly believe and prove every day of my life, I am hopelessly flawed and there is nothing good in me except Jesus. I just want Jesus to be what matters most to people. I want Jesus to be what matters most to me as well. And, sometimes I get a little passionate about it and it comes off NOT how I intended it to. If it’s any consolation, I spent the entirety of last night sick to my stomach at the thought of hurting friends. Please forgive me.




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