Bucket List.

The other morning during the AT2AP devotion time, we were asked to write down what our top three goals in life are. I think mine have changed quite a bit from a year ago, or even several months ago.

These are my three. My “Bucket List”. What I want to do…or moreso, become, before I die.

  1. Truly die to myself and live for Christ and Christ alone in total radical abandonment; giving all of me away daily and living to see his glory renowned amongst the nations.
  2. To be content and satisfied with Jesus, and solely Jesus, not looking for satisfaction in marriage/a relationship or having a family or a career; and to be content if none of those things ever happen.
  3. To be totally and completely discontent if I’m not sharing the Gospel daily.


I’m pretty far from achieving these goals, but, they’re what I want. A pretty short Bucket List, but, I think if I achieved those things, I’d be pretty fulfilled and joyful.




One thought on “Bucket List.

  1. i got to see you in gatlinburg tennesee, and instantly became a fan of you during the last man standing challenges. probably for vain reasons, eh not probably, it was for vain reasons. you are gorgeous. no im not flirting hah anyways.

    through luck…and possibly stalking, i found your blog, and i am amazed by how much you say you strive to be seeking His face….or Holy Hiney (Exodus 33:21-23.) lame joke. moving on.

    the reason i worded the last sentence, the you say bit, because i don’t know you hah–but if what you say you live, then you are well on your way in being that person you want to be. i did get to see you worship and by way of that i would definitely believe you are being honest when you say what you say.

    i think your passion is incredible and that you are truly gifted in the realm of acting. You have a valuable gift already– self-examinations.

    That is something i do on the regular. i can’t trust myself– i am good at talking a good game. i have to check myself daily to see if im doing what i say. like am i truly reppin Him with all that i am, in all that i can– or am i wasting my gift and talents and time that He has graciously blessed me with.

    long story short. i think you are doing a good job with your bucket list, and i will pray for you every day.

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