Prosperity CRAP.

I can’t watch it without bursting into sobs.

Oh, Christians. Wake up.

Wake up.

Billions lost.

Billions with zero knowledge of the Gospel.

Who knows how many that think THAT is the Gospel.

When will we stop valuing our lives above proclaiming the Gospel?

When will we STOP turning deaf ears to the orphans and the dying around the world…occassionally giving a few bucks in a bucket?

If we love Jesus so much then WHY THE CRAP DON’T WE GO

Why don’t we SPEAK

Why don’t we LOVE

Why don’t we CARE

The Gospel compels us to…pursue our dreams and wealth and a family and a white picket fence???

You’re Gospel IS JACKED UP

Your Bible is JACKED UP cuz that is NOT what mine says.

What are we doing??



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