broken glass.

I fear I live as if there is no Hell.

I fear I do not live as if people who do not know Christ will be eternally separated from God when they die.

For if I truly grasped Hell, what kind of sick demented person would I be to not be telling people of the only way to escape it?

People often liken it to discovering the cure for cancer and not telling anyone.

I think my problem is so much worse than that.

I daily come in contact with people who do not know the Gospel and I might as well be saying as I pass by, “Go to hell”, for I say absolutely nothing.

I don’t love you. If you don’t know the Gospel and I haven’t shared it with you, I don’t love you, and I apologize. I fear you instead. I fear your rejection of me. I fear your rejection of God. I fear not having the right answers. I fear feeling awkward. I fear getting tongue-tied.

I don’t love.

I have the answer. I know the only way to be reconciled to God. But, I don’t proclaim it like I should. I don’t shout it from the rooftops. I don’t take every possible opportunity I get to talk about Jesus with people.

I must recognize the need of the lost, and I must see the urgency of the Gospel. And I must be burdened for the lost.

In Romans 9, Paul declared he was willing to lose his salvation if it meant that others might gain it.

Would I be willing to lose my salvation for someone else (if that were possible)?

Why don’t I ache for the lost?

Lord, bring me to my knees, weakened by a heavy heart for those who do not know you!

Charles Peace, the notorious British criminal, was on his way to the gallows, the chaplain was warning him about the future judgement. He suddenly turned to the chaplain and said: “Padre, if I believed that, I would crawl across England on broken glass to save men from it.”

Do I really believe in hell?


Father, help me to be willing to do whatever it takes to reach the lost.

May I step out of my comfort bubble…


and get down in the glass and start crawling.


Rev. 20:11.

It’s real.



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