What is Your Objective?

I’m on a little blogging spree right now.

I have this problem I’ve developed over the past year of having a stack high of books on my nightstand with various “book marks” (usually random pieces of paper. classy.) in them where I’ve began reading and stopped. I need to learn how to just finish one book then move on to the next one. Is there a book for that?

One of the books in the pile was a recent gift from one of the college ministers at Brook Hills. She eagerly handed a copy to my friend Lauren and I and urged us to read them, highlight them, and note take for a discussion to be had in mid February. Of course, this makes my heart swell and I am more than eager to begin reading.

Enter “The Master Plan of Evangelism” by Dr. Robert E. Coleman.

The reason for this blog was two paragraphs in the preface (I used to never be a preface reader, but, I’ve recently discovered they’re just as much part of the book as any chapter…who woulda thunk it?)

The first sentence of the section is this:

His [Jesus’] life was ordered by his objective. (pg. 18)

Jesus’ objective in life was clear cut. “The days of his flesh were but the unfolding in time of the plan of God from the beginning. It was always before his mind. He intended to save out of the world a people for himself and to build a church of the Spirit which would never perish.” (pg. 18)

A baby born to die.

The righteous for the unrighteous to bring us to God.

Reconciling  the world to God for God.

Born to drink the cup of God’s wrath in our p lace.

Born to bring the Father glory in doing so.

Father, glorify Your Name. was His prayer.


The book continues, “Everything he did and said was a part of the whole pattern. It had significance because it contributed to the ultimate purpose of his life in redeeming the world for God. This was the motivating vision governing his behavior. His steps were ordered by it. Mark it well. Not for one moment did Jesus lose sight of his goal.” (pgs. 18-19)


Everything about Jesus’ life was intentional. He never lost sight of His objective. His objective drove him. The reason He did anything was in light of His objective.

“There was nothing haphazard about his life–no wasted energy, not an idle word. He was on business for God (Luke 2:49). he lived, he died, and he rose again according to schedule.” (pg. 19)


I’ve been processing and thinking through Piper’s sermon at Passion about who is it at the bottom of my joy? Is it myself in order to make much of me? Or is it God? Is God my foundation from which everything I say and do spring forward? Or is God somewhere above my true foundation of self? Am I what drives my every decision and my every move? Or is God, in order than He might receive all of the glory? To me, this all kind of related back.

Jesus lived His life, not ever wasting a moment, with an ever present goal in His mind for why He was on earth.

It made me wonder…what is my ultimate objective? Do I live my life with everything stemming from one objective to bring glory to God and to do everything in Jesus’ name?

Is my ultimate objective to bring God glory or to bring myself glory?

Not just that, but, do my objectives change hour by hour? Moment by moment? Day by day? I mean, of course in life, you go throughout your day with little objectives and such, but is my daily objective to glorify God? Or is that only…when I’m at church? Or when I’m around my Christian friends? Or when I’m teaching Sunday school?

Everything Jesus did was purposeful.

Is my time used purposefully and intentionally to reach my one objective—God?

Is something else at the bottom? Is God just sometimes at the bottom?


I think examining our hearts, “testing” ourselves, is a daily thing. A daily part of dying to self.


I want to live a life where everything stems and flows upward from one objective—God—because He is my foundation, and all my fountains are in Him.


Help me, Lord Jesus. I am hopeless without You.




One thought on “What is Your Objective?

  1. This really spoke to me. It is myself in order to make much of me. It is. I know it. It has to be. I think too often I justify every (any) other decision not to pursue Truth all my life. A man cannot serve two masters… for so long I have wanted to go study apologetics, but only as a side venture… not pursuing it as a fulfilled purpose to grow in and glorify God! Once we know the Truth, its calling, is there any other life but to seek it out? Or is that just my calling?!
    There seems to be ways to live outside of ministry, but do we live in a world where we can afford to let even one wise soul pursue something worldly with God on the side rather than commit his life fully to his God and His Harvest?! We are given our passions for a reason, but which are merely “permissible,” and which will fulfill my desire to be “beneficial?” I’m a bit lost right now…probably not making much sense.
    Suffice it to say I agree, you definitely hit something strong there…

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