Real life.

Two months from today, I’ll be sitting on a plane on my way to South Asia where I will spend six months of my life spreading the Gospel by the grace of God.

The most popular reaction to the former statement has been, “SIX MONTHS?!” and “WOW!”

I enjoy watching the eyes of the listener grow big and wide as the words, “six months”, slide off my tongue.

Yes, I’m what my church has deemed a “mid-termer”. It’s when your time in another context falls somewhere between a short term mission trip and a hard to the core full-time missionary. I find myself somewhere in the middle.

I have often received reactions such as,

“Wow, that’s such a long time. That’s a big sacrifice you’re making…”

or that I will “…miss out on so much.”

or “…why not just spend a week or so?”

or “…that’s so awesome that you’re willing to sacrifice your life like that for that long…”


Hmm…that word just doesn’t seem appropriate for my situation. I honestly don’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything. I don’t see it as though I have two lives: my life life (here in America), and this other “life” that comes to play when I “sacrifice” my other one for a time. I have one life…not two.

Jesus is my life.  (at least, this sinner is seeking after that reality) Jesus is life. Where He leads, I will follow. Where He wants me to go, I will go. To the end of the world and back, I am His. I am crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me. I have picked up my cross and I am following Jesus….no matter what that entails. If that means the U.S, then the U.S. If that means, the Middle East, you better believe I’m headed to the Middle East. If that means a husband and children, then so it is. If that means singleness, then so it is. If that means living until I am 100 or death at 22, then so it is.

Because Christ is life. He is that one life.


“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”

That’s life. An abundant life.

So, I don’t see myself as “missing out”  on my life because I will be living it. I don’t see myself as “sacrificing” my life because I laid down my self-centered “life” for a God-centered LIFE by the grace and mercy of God.

By God’s grace I will declare boldly like Paul that “To live is Christ.”

To truly live…is to live for Christ.

That’s life.

Real life.

Everything else is just a facade.



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