A Single Goal.

Conclusions/thoughts/confessions after a week in the Word studying singleness.

I’d also recommend last week’s sermon on singleness.

in no particular order.

:: Singleness is a gift. It’s a gift from God, for God.

:: gifts are good things.

:: I repent of observing single women in their late 20’s/early 30’s or above, and pitying them in my mind, secretly hoping I will not be one of them.

:: Both singleness and marriage are designed for the purpose of glorifying God, pointing to Christ, and bold proclamation of the Gospel.

:: They are equal in their ability to do so, just different.

:: I repent of believing happiness is found in the eventual husband and family.

:: Singleness portrays the Christian’s ultimate identity in Christ. I squander and mar this beautiful truth when I show and verbalize discontentment with my singleness.

:: I repent of wondering “What’s wrong with them?” in regards to singles both men and women who are “older”.

:: God is sovereign over my singleness.

:: I repent of squandering so much of my singleness, complaining about it…even if jokingly.

:: It is not by accident that I have never been in a relationship—God ordained that. He has ordained it for my good and ultimately for His glory.

:: I am not ugly or worthless or unlikeable because I am single. I am single because it’s God’s gift to me.

:: I repent of squandering so much of my singleness by wishing I had someone, and falling into temptation of jealousy and self-induced sadness over my state.

:: I repent of listening to the culture over God’s Word.

:: God is the ultimate Good. The ultimate Satisfier of our heart’s deepest longings. He is all sufficient and the supplier of my every need. I pray I will not confuse that with a husband.

:: I have not failed if I never marry.

:: Singleness is not a means to an end. It’s not a temporary state until the grand finale, the ultimate goal that is marriage. Marriage is not the ultimate goal. God is.

:: Marriage cannot continue to be an idol in my life. If the Lord ordains that it never happens, may that not phase me one bit, for He is all I need.

:: I repent of wondering “Why not me?”. For God is good. My singleness is not a punishment.It is but one of the many tokens of His immeasurable grace.

:: I don’t want to waste my singleness.

:: My singleness is a blessing.

:: Marriage is not better than singleness.

::Singleness is not the unfortunate state of those unlucky ones who no one wanted.

:: I am thankful for my singleness.

:: I am thankful for others’ marriages.

:: I pray for strength in my singleness to fight against unholy selfish desires–to not spend my singleness always looking inward to my needs and what I want, but to use my singleness as a platform to serve and love others self-sacrificially as Christ has loved the church.

:: I pray for strength in my singleness to fight against unholy sexual desires, and to fight for purity.

:: If I never have biological children, through Christ, I can be a mother to many many children by making disciples of all nations.

:: I am loved by God.

::I am loved by a God who knit me together in my mother’s womb.

:: I am loved by a God who, at great cost to Himself, made a way to reconcile me to Himself.

:: I am loved by a God who before the beginning of time, knew everything about me, and has predestined for me to be single right here, right now for His glory.

“My prayer is that, by the grace of God, I will be undivided in my devotion. That I will give myself wholly to a single desire…
To use God’s good gift for God’s great glory in the next generation and among all nations.”

One single goal.



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